Connectedness, Our Lady of Guadalupe, 24May – #405


mary 405all.PNG405

Connectedness, Our Lady of Guadalupe, 24May

I had a rare extra 10 minutes before an appointment, so I hopped into this beautiful new church across the street, Our Lady of Guadalupe…   That image of Mary is one that has become my favorite, ever since I visited a church of the same name in San Francisco about 10 years ago.
I have no other connection to this image but I just connect, I just do…  the same painting is in Saint Patrick’s Cathedral in New York City  and also in a tiny Mexican restaurant near my work , I carry a card of her in my wallet.
I’m not surprised anymore at the duplications but I take notice, so five minutes after leaving the Church I get to my appointment and sit down in the waiting room and there’s a National Geographic magazine article about Mary with an extensive write up about Our Lady of Guadalupe including photos. Those types of duplications happen to me all the time now, I take notice, and I stopped wondering why. We are just majestically spiritually connected… All of are connected… So, this image of Mary and me, it’s cool, it’s neat, it’s connected… I appreciate connectedness, you know, in all things…

So leaving the church, I was the only one there; I started singing “soften my heart” which has been my song prayer for awhile…. I entered the vestibule and the echo was unbelievable and the song and sound that came back to my ears sounded so astounding – dare I say beautiful – not because of my voice but because of the praise… It’s the praise that makes it beautiful… Wow… God, You REALLY DID change my voice this last year.. You changed my blood… You changed my weight… You changed my strength, You changed my focus, you changed my praise, YOU changed my connectedness, You changed my LIFE…
THANK YOU LORD… THANK YOU that I “can sing YOUR PRAISE unending, 10,000 years and forevermore”



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