Nooks and Crannies of My Soul, 10MAY – #479


479 Nooks and Crannies of My Soul, 10MAY

Resting from my shoulder surgery, I have been re-reading, editing and posting old writings… my favorite line in one of them is: “I have been blessed down to the nooks and crannies of my soul…”

I think God slowed me down when I was previously posting these so that I would have this opportunity to feel many extra smiles during my recovery… after 6 hrs sleep they are 3AM blessings to read…  applying ice to my shoulder replaces medication now… then I get to back to sleep…

The work angels (that instantly appeared for a wonderful potluck lunch) whom I wrote about a year ago remind me of last night’s umw angels who randomly brought refreshments when I had failed to ask anyone… blessed… and of course there are many angels bringing my family dinner foods this month while I recover… blessed… and the angels of praise band music have lifted my spirit greatly this week… just today I had the blessing of hearing the first full set of me singing with the band jan2016 and I emotionally heard the moment that I relaxed and my praise took over my nerves… blessed… standing on solid ground – “Rock of ages – my hope is built on nothing less than Jesus’s blood and righteousness….”

Rereading this memory writing, I love this line because it is true in the present too… ” my angels daily… They luck me up, they fill my pot of gold so I can redistribute blessings to so many more, they make me realize the abilities I have – and make me want to share them.”

A dear friend sent me a Facebook movie of a rainbow forming EXACTLY after I spoke of God’s forgiveness that I needed – that I humanly needed in advance – and that He was and is willing to give – and I had to take a leap of faith to accept – and realize that yet again a couple angels had been holy-spirit placed to help me process life – process blessings after a rainstorm… yes, angels are there to simply help you feel the joy by showing you a rainbow… the light of the rainbow is Jesus – all colors and always there to shine light in the darkness…. Faith and healing down to the nooks and crannies of your soul…


thanks angels everywhere!

thank you savior Jesus – for your glorious light


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