Other Duties as “Reassigned” by God… 17MAY – #480



Other Duties as “Reassigned” by God… 17MAY

I marvel at how the Lord pre-answers me – takes any questioning that I may have about why I have to endure this shoulder injury and healing – He reminds me that yes, I need to take this downtime for my shoulder rehabilitation and a few other projects… So, a christmas 2015 writing I just posted tells me exactly that this down time is purposeful – for God knows the plan and I don’t!!!…

I try to not question anymore – well sure I still do!!!  we all do!!!  I question especially in the middle of the stretching exercises which are very painful – self induced pain – and I look at the minimized size of my left arm muscles and I think – there must be a purpose here – but it still hurts… but the pain is temporary and the JOY from the Lord is PERMANENT…

So, I asked God for a snow day to upload my writings – maybe a snow week – this is what I got instead, oops – a snow month or months – my duties reassigned… This came with a definite benefit – extra home time with my kids (who exclaiming say “what do you mean we have to sit for dinner EVERY night?” LOL) and means I have a minimum 2 extra hours most every day for a while not having to drive to work… I am NOT saying my writings made or make any difference externally – I know they did to me personally but externally to others that is not my business to know – I just know I want to get the posts up and taken care of…  Where things go from there God only knows…

The food brought by my church family for 15 days now is the huge blessing beyond blessing… Tonight we ate while standing in the kitchen – laughing and fighting over the microwave…and well – not exactly 1950’s but the laughter was priceless – laughter and love 100% gifts from God!

I have been able to share with others endlessly these last few weeks about my God-enforced down time – and I look to the scriptures from Job 38 “22 “Have you entered the storehouses of the snow or seen the storehouses of the hail,…?” I am a scientist but I have no problem with this statement because as a scientist I have been given a small window to study the minutia – but God sees it all as a big picture… As I have been called to write for some purpose – not always known to me – how dare I question? – even though I still do…

As someone working for God – I know now that we all work for God !!! But what to work on?? Well, listening is the best way for us to discern… I have discerned that NOT rushing is important! – that I am not to rush thru God’s work – just like I am not to rush around the corner and slip on a stupid piece of cardboard causing me to fall and snap my rotator cuff – same with that leg burn last year – that was also a big hint – I am to proceed with caution – with acceptance that God needs me to do certain things – and those jobs I must accept… with delight…

I am blessed to have seen a slew of writings from Christmas time – I wrote them a year and a half ago during my first real 100% Christmas – how blessed to see that I was lost right where I was meant to be… the song lyric is “maybe I must may be lost, right where I need to be…”

Today I had interactions with dozens of people – yesterday too – and of course endless opportunities to speak of the good works of God and God’s people – including with our plumber, a nurse friend who took some of my extra food to a fire victim family – and with my own pastor. The blessings we receive enable us to speak of the works of God naturally in simple non-threatening marveling at how things work out and how we don’t know the plan….

I really don’t know the plan but I will sit here in peace – bum shoulder and all – but in peace – and I will work on what I have to work on…  My “other duties as ‘reassigned’… yup, reassigned by God”….

Thanks Lord for including me in your plan!


An old writing reminding me that i am lost where i am supposed to be… at https://debbieupper.wordpress.com/2017/05/17/the-old-peace-21dec-322/

The Old Peace, 21DEC – #322
“maybe I must may be lost, right where I need to be…”

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