Encounter to Encourage, 26APR/06MAY – #556



Encounter to Encourage, 26APR/06MAY

Especially knowing where my faith grew from, I know we are NOT to judge anyone’s faith journey. Sure we can shake a few cobwebs loose, blow some SPIRIT fans thru the brain chambers… and we are to know that it is God’s timing for how the Spirit moves folks…. the biggest thing we can do is ENCOURAGE each other….
We look for encounters that give us time to encourage..
Recently I REALLY REALLY loved the best briefest sharing of faith with a band member after a tremendous concert – it was the nicest end of our photo time when I whispered “God bless you” -we locked eyes for a moment and he replied “God bless” too… faith shared in a millisecond is as big as the universe…. because God is bigger than the universe…. what is spoken from the SPIRIT returns to the SPIRIT and in between works to get God’s message across…
To encourage is a spiritual gift – how encouraging!!!!
It is the Spirit which encourages the Spirit… that’s how God works…

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