Windows of Life, 30Dec – #626



Happy close to 2018 – you as readers have been such a blessing to me – reflecting His love in your friendship…

Windows of Life, 30Dec

We are to OPEN whatever windows of opportunities God places in front of us. God places opportunities EVERY DAY.

God wants us to evaluate which windows are for us to open, and which are not… We still need to work them with our elbow grease…

We are also to realize that windows are made of glass – look before you leap – study and pray on which direction to take. Look thru the glass and see if the scene is illuminated by real, true light – or artificially lit… our paths are best if we are walking in His LIGHT…

What about staying where you are and not moving? Perhaps that is because you are already standing in the middle of a certain window of time – a moment of silence – a moment of rest… that window is called the window of opportunity – it’s a moment of PEACE… reflecting our future with Him…

When you see yourself in a window, notice the Light – look hard for the Light – His Light – notice that it is shining thru you! This is because you are responsible for reflecting His forever peace into this finite earthly time and place. Notice how your reflection in this window of time is reflection of His peace… and shine that window – shine it clear as clear can be so all may see His peace.

Keep shining His love thru your piece of His window of peace…


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