God is Making His Next Move, Hold on to Jesus, 02Mar – #650



God is Making His Next Move, Hold on to Jesus, 02Mar

I’m appreciative of being in such a good mood today – a Saturday free day and my soul feels like singing – I did a chunk of writing this morning – like a whole chapter came out of one fishy scripture!!!  I took my daughter to practice – chatted with friends and now off to have a great day – and I can feel again and again how thankful I am to the Lord for lighting my path, one step at a time… mercy to move forward! Life is not a bowl of cherries when so many people are in the pits, but life is about sharing the good news of God’s plan… keep moving to help the world – Micah 6:8 – mercy, humbleness, justice…

Truly, sometimes life can feel like a hopscotch game in joyful fun or in sorrowful necessity – and yet it’s a lighted tile sliding game to be jumping to skip spaces, but in truth LIFE IS NOT A GAME – and we have to slowly take our steps, calculated and prayerfully… what section of the board you are on will change… Perhaps your spot is secured enough for you to reach to help others in tougher spots…

Jesus lights the tiles for movement and we have to importantly remember to NOT be frozen in a position and ignore the next steps – if we stay too long on one tile, and are afraid to move forward then sometimes God will slide the tile for us – in this puzzle of life to get to the end. If God is pushing you forward, then hold on to Jesus when the earth starts moving underneath!!!…

Jesus may be seated at the right Hand of the Father, but God still moves His Hand for His Plan… HOLD ON!



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