Surely I Can, 12MAY – #689



Surely I Can, 12MAY

If truck drivers can drive for a living, Surely I can live to drive where the Lord takes me.

If people can sing for their supper, Surely I can hunger to sing for Jesus.

If I can eat my fill, Surely I can be fed by the Spirit.

If I can show up like a bad penny, Surely God can make me useful.

If I can be served, Surely I can serve.

If I can be idle, Surely I can be NOT.

If I can be forgetful, Surely I can be forgiven.

If I can be forgiven, Surely I can forgive.

If I can be lost, Surely I can be FOUND.

If I can be led astray, Surely I can be led back by Jesus.

If I can be human (and I am), Surely I can be saved by Jesus (and WE are!).

If I can love, Surely I can BE LOVED.

If I can be LOVED, Surely I can LOVE.

Surely I can BE STILL, and Still Be Me.

Surely I can.

If God can make me into me, Surely I can remember to be that, to be me…

Surely I can be His, because I am, I am His.

Surely, I can ANYTHING, because of  HIM, the great “I AM”.


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