Capture HIS-story, 05Sep – #738



Capture HIS-story, 05Sep

Crazy dream!!! I woke up suddenly, instantly and completely.

In my power nap’s dream I was swerving in my Subaru and about to smash full speed into the middle barrier on the highway – instantly I awoke never so startled and calm at the same time knowing it was a dream!

Instantly, my eyes locked across the room on this inflatable thunder stick: “CAPTURE HISTORY” –  It was a noise maker from the inaugural season of the Overwatch video game league…  But instantly I read history as HIS-STORY.

You can say I think about God too much or not enough… All I know is that I don’t know how or when I will meet my maker – all I know is that for the last five years I have been obsessed with trying to make sense of my path on His plan… He wants me to tell His-Story. I want to tell His-story. I want Him to be known in the minutia as well as the whole.

He wants us to live our story which is His story…

I want to finish posting any backlog of my writings before I hit that wall… whew…

I want to help spread the Good News always…

His story, not mine…

738 capture HIS story.PNG

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