Love Will Find a Way – Look at the Helpers, 25SEP – #748



Love Will Find a Way – Look at the Helpers, 25SEP

Mr. Rogers always said: “look for the helpers” in a tragedy or any tough spot, which was advice from his mom. I will witness that is sound advice from Jesus as well… Love will find a Way!

Regardless of the severity of the change – whether a tragic school shooting, an upheaval at work, a simple little blindside on a TV show like Survivor – or any change in your day-to-day life… Look for the helpers to that situation – to your situation – they have been called by the Lord to help – yes even some assigned to you – all by the LOVE of the Lord. You are also assigned to be the helper to others.

Compassion is a number one attribution of Jesus – think about Him going thru a crowd – think of Him on his death cross when He verbally commanded John to be His mother Mary’s son and His mother Mary to be John’s mother. Jesus just knew to take care of His own – to take care of us – that we are both to be helpers and we are also required to be helpable, meaning to accept help from others.

We are called to realize that “Love will find a way” (cue the YES song).

Look at the helpers for people going through cancer, look at the helpers for caregivers, look at the helpers through social media for hurricanes and look at the helpers in your life – for the big and small.  Look at the college kids who study together, look at the neighbors helping each other with yard work after a storm, look at your best friends ready to lend an ear.

LOOK TO THE LORD – He is our Rock – our comfort – and sometimes/always our correction…  We are broken people moving from one healing to another – we have to be willing to be healed and willing to be helped… We are the ones who must accept repair.

Jesus knew that there were going to be intense changes for His disciples in their immediate future after His death. He tried telling His disciples about that future, but they were blinded by their closed ears as to what would happen. Think of those women on the hill watching his crucifixion, being so upset. Jesus could not comfort thru talking to them – only comfort thru them to each other. All Jesus wants is for us to understand that God had a plan. Jesus even wept at Mary and Martha not knowing that God has a place for us when we die. Jesus knew AND WAS AUTHOR of this long view that we are all to take…

Feel: Mercy, forgiveness, comfort, compassion, healing. Know: Jesus Jesus Jesus Jesus Jesus.

We are reminded time and time again that suffering does bring us closer to the Lord. I always marvel at people who escape a fire and begin praising the Lord – they just lost everything in the fire – but they take such a long view – they know that they were blessed to get out of the fire.

The Lord goes before us, let us take the long view… let us be a comforting soul to others and to ourselves thru knowing the Lord…


John 19    Behold Your Mother

When Jesus therefore saw His mother, and the disciple whom He loved standing by, He said to His mother, “Woman, behold your son!” Then He said to the disciple, “Behold your mother!” And from that hour that disciple took her to his own home.

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