Cough Drop Hesed and Michael Card, 21Sep – #747


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Cough Drop Hesed and Michael Card, 21Sep

A light-hearted story but a real witness to the Lord’s timing and comfort and compassion thru others!

Massive massive coughing fit, I couldn’t get out my chair, my path was blocked from my seat, I sat back down, I was stuck… so embarrassing, so I prayed to stifle the cough, it got worse. I prayed harder, got tears in my eyes and the Lord answered in His own way… I stared intently at my “WATCH FOR GOD” Vacation Bible School bracelet in hope for help, deep prayer – and IMMEDIATELY a woman passed a yellow cough drop to me, RIGHT OVER THE BRACELET WORDS…

Less than 5 seconds from my fierce prayer of mercy, was an answer and act of Hesed – mercy – an action verb of loving kindness. Cough drop Hesed, no gesture is too small when it comes in God’s timing… the miracle was NOT the cough drop, as much as it was the TIMING….  10 seconds later, Michael Card himself stops his presentation and gives me a cough drop – more loving kindness… My experiencing the truth of the “Watch for God” bracelet is yet another witness that YES, God is real, God uses His people, God is a God of mercy, and where does my help come from? It comes from the Lord!

I did get outside, Michael Card handing me a cough drop caused me to stand and at that moment I saw the gap in the chairs where I had an exit path, I became unstuck due to that mercy, and as soon as I got outside – in the grounds of the stone church with a warm heart, I started crying intensely – not JUST from my cough embarrassment, but my realization AGAIN of the mercy of God… God is a God of loving kindness and forgiveness. We are to fear the Lord, but we are to feel the Lord’s LOVE.

God is a God of the big and small. MORE overwhelming than tears of embarrassment were my tears for His reminder that He is in charge.

When we ask for help, the Lord does not always give an answer in our time, but ALWAYS HE GIVES HIMSELF… Hesed is a verb, an action, a gift, exchanging Jesus’s life for ours… We live because God wants us forever.

So now, as my words flow like those tears, I am blessed to tell all of you of this littlest mercy miracle in the timing, the moving of the cloud of the Lord’s presence into my view… The miracle of comfort so that we can give comfort others (2nd Corinthians 1:3-4)… This woman comforted me, Michael Card comforted me… I could imagine how others may have been annoyed, but these two put an act of mercy into action.

I chatted later with the woman, her name is Charlotte, she said she’s a mom, could see me struggling and she could see me not able to get out from the blockade of chairs, and it was her last coughdrop. As she watched my angst, she was waiting for the right timing to share it with me…. yup… the Lord’s timing… my eyes filled with watching the action then filled with tears to wash that feeling into my heart, forever… Jesus is the forgiveness that washes us clean by washing us thru our tears as He collects them in His Hands.

I believe in the Lord. 

I know that He cannot help but give us mercy, comfort, and love.

I believe that the Lord is a God of Mercy.

I believe in Mercy.

I know HESED is the only way He can show us how much He loves us.

Michael Card says when we show Hesed, it often hurts us, just like God’s Hesed was tough on Him too. Either way, we show this loving kindness out of His spirit moving thru us.

We were made in His image so that He can love us.

Michael Card says that we resonate with His Heart.

Hesed is the Lord’s Way in every Way.

Especially in The Way – They gift of us Jesus to save us.

Amen, Amen and Amen

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