Gypsies for Jesus, 30SEP – #749



Gypsies for Jesus, 30SEP

Gypsies for Jesus, are you one too?

I should forever be a Gypsy for Jesus.  The Lord Himself does not change, so He needs us to be adaptable, flexible and lift-able. Perhaps we are free moving people… actually in Jesus we are already free, but if we are called to be Gypsies for Jesus, then we must NOT move of our own free will but ONLY move by the Holy Spirit calling us, moving us, pulling us, settling us.

Sure, we are free to move, but we ALWAYS need our roots to be fed by the Lord…  the Lord often sinks old roots really quick into a new feeding, where the people actually look thru root collections to learn how and where to connect with you and each other…  We often are placed where we can be useful. Simply put, we are planted to bear fruit, planted NOT in the world, but in His Word. Psalm 1.

I am fed so that I can feed.

Today in the middle of the 2 church services, I sat IN JOY on the back pew nestled between 2 wonderful gentlemen of my father’s age. The first gentleman, Lee, introduced me to Bob – I will call him Mr Whipple because he received a life-saving technique – after pain and medical issues, the doctor found he had pancreatic cancer – a 96% fatal disease – Bob is in the 4% – he survived – he said the Holy Spirit apparently needs him around. Not knowing why, he said that 4 times he was saved from near death. The Holy Spirit saves us because the Holy Spirit needs us.  Bob reminded us that even thru pain, God has a plan.  I immediately said back to the first gentleman, Lee, “Wow, wasn’t our earlier chat EXACTLY about just that?” He agreed and I said: “Look how the Holy Spirit connects our conversations: Even thru pain, God has a plan”.

Look for the Lord and wait out the storm… Psalm 121

Oh, how blessed I felt when I sat between Lee and Bob, learning just as much as I was talking, listening just as much as I was laughing, being at peace just as much as processing rough edges of life… I lingered… and I loved it…

The Lord often is stirring up His mixing bowl of life. I’m one of those unprocessed clumps of cookie dough stuck to the spoon and I happened to have gotten scraped off into another section of the bowl to meet these new people, to pick up their new chocolate chip bits of praise, to hear new faith stories, AND to put my own issues in perspective. I often ponder on how UNBELIEVABLE it is that I landed where I landed. It is no doubt because I was placed.

We are planted NOT in the world, but in His Word. Psalm 1.

I will always TRY to be a Gypsy for Jesus, rather than requesting a place to go, I will try to go where I am called, thru the Holy Spirit’s power, not mine, and both still be still  AND  be free to linger as long as the Lord needs…



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