The Kingdom is on the Line, NOV – #770B


The Lord collects us often with believers as our PRACTICE ROUND, to speak freely of His LOVE, before we go out Great Commission-style to make new disciples… we practice the easy sell before the tough sell.

This is just like when I trained as a college freshman at the volunteer night for making phone calls for alumni donations, free pizza for your whole dorm, a social scene and then they sit you down in front of a phone bank for cold calls for money.  You are to express THANKFULNESS, of how donations help you get an education. First, they give you a stack of numbers from people who already donated in the past, small amounts, so likely to gain positive results for you, and a free hat, shirt or trinket…. you first are talking to believers in philanthropy to their Alma Mater…  THEN you get the next stack, if you were good with the first.  These lists are the people that may be more open to donate larger sums.

If you get some of those donations and the organizers hear your practiced pitch, there’s the opportunity that you may get to enter the “other room”. Not the “upper room” to wait in faith for the Holy Spirit guidance, but the “OTHER room” where you are to venture out on a limb. If you are planted in the “OTHER room”, you get the “NEVER donated” people… GOOD LUCK…

Great Commission – the Kingdom is on the Line – oh how similar – we are to practice and then work our way to the OTHER room – it is about witnessing and sharing – give it a try… actually we are giving the Holy Spirit the chance to reach the people, after you dial up the number…

As I pray for my path,  the Lord fills my thoughts with these straightforward instructions:

Keep sharing.

Be good. Be whole. Keep planting seeds.

Do your best, and let the Holy Spirit take care of the rest.

Yes Lord, we can try to do our best for the people in “the OTHER room” and share our knowledge of the gifts of GRACE, JOY, SALVATION, LIFE thru You. We are thankful to YOU for giving it. We are the callers but it is You and Your Kingdom which is on the line. Help us to reach others for You.


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