LOVE is Never Wasted, 15SEP – #934


LOVE is Never Wasted 

Especially LOVE given to you.

All Love comes from the Lord, do we have to worry if it sometimes feels wasted? No… the Lord has shared endless LOVE, so can we. LOVE is Never Wasted. 

If we give you LOVE to a level that seems foolish, will we be a fool for LOVE? Yes. Yes, yes, I am a fool for LOVE because it is a spillover from being a fool for the Lord… Jesus said we will look foolish to the world… We now know why He did LOVE us foolishly and still does… So, is it foolish of Jesus to LOVE us so deeply? Not to Him. Therefore it shouldn’t be to us. Because Jesus IS LOVE. He gave it all because He was All,  He is All.

LOVE is foolish to the people who see a fool. LOVE is gifted to the people who see a gift. LOVE is LOVE to the LOVED.

LOVE is not a given but a gift. It never disappears or is wasted. LOVE is simply passed along. 

LOVE looks for LOVE’S return, but it’s not a back and forth as much as it is a spiral LOVING reaching forward. 

LOVE grows deeper to those who have opened up their heart to receive it. More LOVE is refilled and restored to those who share it … LOVE is not to be shut off but often to be redirected … LOVE never comes up empty. 

LOVE forms, flows, follows, forevers, forgives, forgets, fills, finds, fuels, finds, focuses, flames…. LOVE is lovely…

If my LOVE is too over the top, let me try opening my heart deeper, wider, fuller… how else could we contain LOVE? We cannot. We should not. LOVE is not containable when LOVE passing thru me is intended to be splashed on you. 

The Lord LOVES lavishly, how can we not? When we realize that we are LOVED so intensely,  we might be overwhelmed… to be OVERWHELMED, to be so saturated with His LOVE that there’s no more place to store it, that is so we must splash it back out…

God knows how to LOVE us…

We hope too,  splash but not spill, inspire but not inundate.

Because God does LOVE you. God LOVES you for you. 

OUR Lord LOVES thru you. LOVE shared serves even more. 

To serve the Lord with His LOVE, is a LOVING thing to do…

LOVE is God in, to, and thru. 


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