Ponder Thee, 02JAN – #1024


Jesus doesn’t always have to come to us because we experience a tragedy.

Often He speaks to us when we are simply sipping a cup of tea.

Jesus is not hiding or scarcely found.

His Spirit is ever-present and all around. 

Jesus grows THRU, not on us like fungal decay.

From inside He is changing your heart, your soul, your mind, in His Way.

Jesus in us doesn’t get thrown off by our sinful spots.

God made us by faith to ask and receive grace, unlike the lost of those blind “have nots”.

Jesus’s forgiveness makes us NEW in a new creation way.

Listen to Him teach you a new lesson today. 

Jesus puts the purpose in our LOVE. 

His LOVE is all in all, grace given from God above.

It’s good to listen to Jesus, read His Word, and just be.

Faith can strengthen you, motivate you, simply while sipping a cup of tea.

Thank You Jesus for flowing Your peace in me.

I love to ponder Thee.


3 thoughts on “Ponder Thee, 02JAN – #1024

  1. bobette dupertuis

    My daughters funeral service is this Saturday. We are raising her 6 year old son at this time. Today he rode the bus for the first time. In our tragedy we have His peace and love, just while sipping a cup of tea. thank you for this today.


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