Thee Alone, 03JAN – #1027


I’m SO thankful Lord in Thee.

When I thought I had two, You and me, I see I have actually three: God Father, Jesus Word, and Holy Spirit – All in Thee.

When I thought my finances stretched thin. It was only You I needed within. 

When I thought my cupboards bare. You told me You were sufficient to feed me anywhere. 

When I had enough money in my eyes, You allowed me to go get goodies, sweets, and even Five Guys Fries.

When I could replace my old green then old blue car, I realize it is You Whom has driven me sucessfully safe this far.

When I got to hold my loved ones dear, it was You who gathered them near. When I sat quite alone, You said it was OK, I only needed You and You alone.

Someday we won’t be steady, but You will make us ready. Secured in Jesus we need to atone. Someday, He will hold our hand while You will call us each HOME. 

We LIVE and LOVE by Thee and Thee Alone.

I thank You Lord, Thee Alone 


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