Jesus in Our Cup, 03Jan – #1026


Jesus in Our Cup

Perhaps Jesus is filling your coffee cup:

With a BOLD blend, strong and mighty. 

With a delicate aroma, sweet and welcoming. 

A percolator type, traditional and long-processed.

Sanka, on the go and doesn’t give you the shakes.

Instant, there when you need Him.

Espresso, steaming, noisy in the ears and concentrated in small sips.

All sugary, easy to down. 

Black, straight and no nonsense. 

A mug you barely wash, home brew.

A takeout cup, still will do.

Half full, there’s still more to savor. 

Half empty, don’t miss out on all sips of Savior. 

Drips, spill out on the ground. 

Floods, whole carafe rendered down. 

Beans crushed and brewed, broken, it smells of Heaven.

Jesus, the best Savior in town. 

Flavoring life, Jesus in the cup, the perk to bring you around.

The essence of Jesus, nothing compares. 

Our cup He fills, He will always make you aware.

Filtered He still runs thru.

Rip open the filter, temple curtain, God’s Jesus made a Way for you.

Jesus in our cups.

Filled with Love.

Drinking Living Water.

Savor everything sent from above.


One thought on “Jesus in Our Cup, 03Jan – #1026

  1. bobbi DuPertuisLast Name

    Saturday we will be having our daughters funeral service, we are now raising our precious 6 year old grandson. Jesus fills my cup every morning and gives me strength. Thank you for this writing


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