His Pain for Our Gain, 29MAR – #1117


A friend had her 2nd covid vaccination injection – she was tired and achy for one day then got better… We are in Easter week and I wrote back in joy and encouragement.  For spiritual reasons these thoughts give me great tears, but this is not wrong as Easter Spirit must involve and include the knowledge of Good Friday pain, carried by Jesus, of people being lost. The Holy Spirit that permeates us urges us to know…

I said: Like the pain from your vaccination which will eventually turn into a gain in your immunity and in your protection – Easter week is also like that… it’s the worst imaginable pain for Jesus: loss, sacrifice, betrayal, even seeing His chosen simply falling asleep in the garden when asked to keep watch… and yet the promise of Easter and finishing “the Plan” is what Jesus KNEW was worth it, TOTALLY worth it… And was GOD’S COMMAND. Jesus followed Our Father’s plan – we should too…

I’ve always avowed that the pain in seeing people lost (mentally many of the world’s people as well as those at the scene), plus the betrayal of those who should have known better from studying the scriptures and signs of the times, and especially witnessing the pain in people misunderstanding Him as a worldly king – including by the Jerusalem crowd hailing Hosanna one day and Crucify Him the next – must have been MORE profoundly painful than any death by cross.

So perhaps the best part of the Easter message is that we are reminded that we are to know HOPE. Even in darkness, a sliver of hope is illuminated in our hearts by the Spirit. We are to have understanding of darkness to know that we are NOT in darkness anymore – are we? We know that Jesus said it is finished BEFORE He died and we too know and taste of His Light on Earth before our eyes will see Him in Glory. We know Him because of Faith, He is revealed in Love. Jesus took the pain to gather us for Our Father – His Love is our gain.

A poem:

Jesus ROSE and flipped over Satan’s lame game.

Jesus negated sin’s blame.

His pain and His Glory for our gain.

Every day we are called to carry His Flame.

BE Hopeful hearts under Heaven’s Reign.



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