Witness Not War, Embrace Grace, 24APR – #1142


A thought came to mind in how our workplaces, mine too, are lately embracing awareness. It is good and an attempt to stop bias. All peoples are of value and all topics/cultures/lifestyles are of interest and speakable… oh, except religion, hushhhhh…  I appreciate that we are being careful to not discriminate, for I have seen how talk of religion makes fear resonate… so we tread NOT officially but PERSONALLY… BE THE WHISPER in the wind, not the shout of showy din.

All religions… all HUSH… Is that OK? Kinda tells you how powerful faith is.

Well, let us be thoughtful in exploring the ADVANTAGES OF THE HUSH:

. For it is not a war of words we wage but a witness with words in with which we engage.

. It is not throwing down the law, it’s living up to the call

. We don’t jam religion down people’s throats, we speak softly sweetly and surely because salvation is not for gloats. 

. There is no need to wage war when what is needed is to WITNESS more.

. Speak quietly but speak sure, for under the HUSH, people may LISTEN MORE.

. BE THE WHISPER in the wind, not the shout of showy din.

. Trade less personal celebration for a demonstration of our dedication.

. Live in witness, the Word is the MOST powerful even and especially when gently heard.

Live the Word in the workplace, EMBRACE GRACE


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