The Back (Backing) Story



I was thinking about the BACK STORY for 2 recent posts, about the PEACE that I got from me STOPPING OVERTHINKING about a situation and just TRUSTING GOD, to where my doubts changed to my witness of His deliverance. I’m always amazed when He delivers results BIG TIME. Yet He makes everything beautiful in its time. 

God knows the know-how that we see as WOW. 

Let me mention what we surely learn to know: God IS the Power behind ALL our good circumstances, our good strength, all our good hope. He IS the backing we need to do anything. No wonder King David sang songs/Psalms to God again and again. “The LORD has heard my cry for mercy; the LORD accepts my prayer.” David knew to wait on God, to wait for something good. We need to wait.


Waiting situations… I picked up a pizza, I had to wait a little extra, the owner (such a nice guy) said he did not like how the first pizza came out and was remaking it for me! WOW, weird but wow… Good thinking and his generosity and GOOD that a back up second pizza was already cooking so I wasn’t delayed more than 5 minutes.

Backups… it’s good to wait.

I wished there was back up support at the mini Starbucks too (in the grocery store), as they only had one worker. And a physical makeshift sign (an old receipt taped onto the screen) posted to say “be right back”. Well, hmmmm… I waited over 10 minutes, first world problem of course, but I didn’t have any other way to get the particular sandwich (for my daughter). Even though all of the kiosk was WIDE OPEN for me to walk into, I had no capability to find or make that sandwich anyway. I wouldn’t cross the arbitrary barrier of behind the kiosk. (And I wouldn’t steal anyway).  So, I was stuck with no backup! Waiting… I needed them or their backup to make it happen. There’s stage actors have understudys who prep and wait and amazing the young woman working in the regular store saw me wait and stepped in using her previous Starbucks skills and made my sandwich and cashed me out. What’s the chance of that, a backup who intervened for my timelines and for the overworked kiosk worker too.


Backups… The Backing – The Back Story… Jesus, fully God on earth, had God send the Holy Spirit as an Advocate, a Holy backup on earth to help disciples and us after He arose.  He told the disciples to WAIT for the Power, the Holy Back up. God is the Back Story (God is the Whole Story). 

God IS needed to get stuff done! *Unless the Lord builds the house, the builders labor in vain. *Unless the Lord watches over the city, the guards stand watch in vain.*Psalm 127:1

What about money? Money usually is based upon GOLD backing, giving paper or tin copper zinc coins backup value. Well I found these old bills at my neighbor’s house, from the early 1940s, but they are practically worthless even though looking like collectibles. The “funny money” is real, but it lost its value as soon as it was issued by Japan to pay for items in the Philippines in 1941-1945. Such funny money had no GOLD backing so that they called it “Mickey Mouse money” and used it like paper. Worthless because it had no backing! It’s a souvenir sure, but according to ebay and money exchanges it’s worth less than a fraction of the price of that Starbucks sandwich. And the coins? The souvenir 5 Francs from 1945? With no metal available in WW2, 95 million of these coins were made from aluminum. So light and chipping at the edges that I thought someone ate the chocolate out of it (LOL!), but it WAS real money, just felt so fake, was not made of material worth its weight. 


Jesus reminds us about treasures: Do not store up for yourselves treasures on earth, where moths and vermin destroy, and where thieves break in and steal. But store up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where moths and vermin do not destroy, and where thieves do not break in and steal. For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.

The coins and bills are examples of things which could be valuable but are not always. Isn’t that common to “things” in life… Treasures are not always treasures and almost always less of a monetary treasure than the MEMORY treasure. My treasure is the memory of my friendship with my neighbor (who had those coins and bills) and not the money they are worth (or not worth). Blessings that are GOD-backed not gold-backed.

The treasures of life are in Heaven and bringing Heaven on earth, but it IS sometimes work to work out Heaven on Earth. But when you do the Lord’s work, there’s power and JOY and energy behind it all. God is the Back Story for our histories and our mysteries too. My amazement in God power to get things done is related to the recent posts I made: I doubted but He delivered. I doubted the ability and the smooth sailing and the timing – but God coordinated. God got it done over my doubts. Put it in God’s Hands and Vroooooom, He IS in the driver’s seat. Each the moment I doubted and I said ‘it’s up to You Lord’, that’s when I heard the Vroooooom of Him…. 

God IS the backstory to our motivation and energy.  I dream flat tires, but He convinces me of His Power. We (I) should be in awe of God. Putting my knees to the floor. (Good thing the floor is the solid rock of the Lord too.) So that’s the backstory, understory, little story from BIG God.

Amen, I BELIEVE in You Lord!



Here are the 2 recent blogs of my doubt and my witness:

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