Snow? No… Relooking at last months photos the pool was perfect, people perfect, pretty penny cost levels were COVERED instead by FREE POINTS to provide patio-like shade in a cabana…. ahhhhh…. not a day at the spa, but yes at the pool with my friend hosting us… We had easy breakfast, delivered lunch, and late dinner with our family… LOVE… You could say this was a Sunny day filled with PROVISIONS.. 

How much MORE our God will continue to provide for us… . Oh yes, God’s provisions are not any less than us getting to spend the whole rest of our lives Heavenly on HIS POINTS, under HIS CABANA. 

“PROVISIONS”… that’s the name on the placard of the little store in the resort. Earthly provisions were granted for us to be there, warm 85 degrees sunny, was this Heaven? Hmmmmm…. Heavenly yes,  but Heaven no. This is earth, and yet I wondered what would make Heaven Heaven… How to fill in the missing parts of earth… Look for GOD first and GOD’S PROVISIONS… 

I read an important book page, my beach book of “Name above all Names“, and it reminded me to think how we shouldn’t preach for people believe in God because God gives financial security or perfection in human terms, lucky strikes or good looks, no… But that we should be preaching that God does give purpose to life, help to the lost, saving to the sinners…  yes… His perfection to give us is HIMSELF.

On earth we count our blessings AND here is what we ALSO get in Heaven: fulfilled love; knowledge of God’s closeness and worship of His Sovereignty over us; and a witness of His immense Love for giving His Son, a Lamb slain…

I had a WELL DONE burger at the restaurant one night out at a tourist opportunity for appreciating wildlife seen in captivity: gators, parrots and more. A Well Done burger for food safety, and yet how even more SAFE we are in Heaven because there we will say: “Well done, Lord!” Driving through rain and traffic back from dinner, I was appreciative of the safe landing at our home away from home… Even now I am grateful for a safe plane landing back home… And in between (the trip and home as well as earth and Home in Heaven) let me be grateful for everything…

Forever let us be worshipful grateful for God’s Provisions… WELL DONE LORD!!!


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