Interception over Intercession


So, my mom lost her watch at my house, set it on the bathroom sink before showering, not there afterwards. More weird than anything. More worrying than weird. Frustrating and upsetting. Hmmm…

I pray she finds it, it’s not expensive but a gift, sentimental and of course useful and upsetting to her. Upsetting for the retracing of steps has not found it. Unless it was lost previously, like in one particular trash bag in the car, it should really be in this house or her suitcase. It’s an added worry of memory over movement. Why this issue, except we are human and misplace things…

To whom shall we pray? Let us not misplace our trust in a situation like this.  “God is in control” is the painting on the rock on the bathroom sink where she says she placed it, so we both trust that. I have to wonder, did God move it? I am positive that the cat did not take it. Would the cat be useful in pointing it out to us? Only if God intervenes with that cat’s motives. Well… Could I pray for a vision? We really should pray for clarity in thoughts just as much as for the watch. I know St Anthony is the patron saint of lost things in catholicism but isn’t that an added step we DON’T need when we are allowed and encouraged and commanded to DIRECTLY ask Jesus? 

Jesus is in Whom we should ask. We need not intercession anymore when we have the intersection and interception of Jesus and us. Even the torn curtain (that used to block the parishioners from the priests), was torn as demonstration on the day and moment Jesus died is the repair of our rift from God. The intersection of old and new covenant bridging old and new testaments means Jesus IS the Way.

What about this watch? I would be fulfilled to find it, on my knees in prayer as much as reaching under things. I don’t have time yet to tear my house apart. It make more physical sense if it was lost outside the house, but it’s a double secured band. It’s a mystery of memory, and just weird. It’s only after we find it that we will solve the mystery, or not. But in contrast, Jesus solves our mystery as we find Him in faith. It is still mysterious the in-between, but the finding is real. He even looks for us everywhere, even when we don’t know that we are lost. His Intercept is His Intention. No intercession needed by anyone else from inception of God’s Plan. 





In the asking…

Jesus, because we praise You, help my mom or me find peace first and the watch second. It’s a watch of You more than a wrist watch… and always our time is well spent praying to you.


Take ye heed, watch and pray: for ye know not when the time is.… Mark 13:33

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