WOW, 23FEB – #74




Oh my God… I am overwhelmed with the Grace of God… I have to share… I just witnessed a tractor trailer… a gas tanker… Swerving not paying attention.. turn signal on… cars passing him… and he still was swerving… Maybe he was texting… Maybe he was asleep… I don’t know… I was scared for the other cars passing… I started beeping my horn. I put my flashers on, he was going 10 miles less than the speed limit… I kept beeping,  I decided to zoom up closer, I was listening and singing to Amazing Grace on my CD player, I just beeped my horn to Amazing Grace for 30 seconds? Maybe… I was so close to my exit, I just kept honking that horn, hitting it, and praying that he would wake up. And as I exited he changed his turn signal and he pulled over to the side of the road. He woke up. Whew! Praise God! Thank You God for putting me in the right place at the right time… Whew.

God is Good!


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