I am the Vine skit, APR05 – #114 (fyi see follow up at #116)



email about possible I am the Vine skit, APR05 (fyi see the follow up at #116)

Wow, my youth group leader just last night asked me to substitute this sunday for him, and I just was thinking that I should teach this idea of mine as the lesson…. “I am the true vine, you are the branches”…. teach the bible scripture, spell out the idea for the skit and have the kids make the fruit and figure out how to run thru the skit…. yup….
I had decided this JUST before I got an email from a dear friend – here is my email reply with the skit idea – and I thank them for being such great mover of the Holy Spirit!!! Here is the email:

“I am the true vine”, yup, God putting more and more fruit on my branch… thanks holy spirit…. such a fast worker…. I love hearing God chuckle when he tinkers… such timing… I am so blessed…

I just thought of this great interactive demonstration for the “I am the vine, you are the branches” scripture, while I was listening to the Genesis song “one for the vine”

A person could be holding on with one hand to a vine (make a sign that says God/Jesus) and they (as the branch) face out away from the vine. Ask them to hold their arm into their body and ask them to catch a soft piece of fruit (perhaps foam of cloth fake fruit)… they can’t catch it… then ask them to tech out their arm, and pick up some pieces of fruit and see how much that can bear… they probably can hold onto a few pieces… then someone could hand then a small basket, and they could probably hold about a dozen pieces… This represents how we bear fruit when we are connected to God, but not turned towards him but instead looking out, away…

Now, have the person turn towards the vine, so now they are facing God – or even have a person portraying Jesus take their hand. Ask them to hold their free arm close to their attached arm…start handing them fruit…start pulling it up and you will see they can bear more…they use their whole upper bodies… then get out a HUGE basket of fruit which they can support holding with their outstretched arms together while holding onto the vine… This represents the many fold more fruit that they can hold when they look towards God… you could even have a tub of soft fruit and pour it over them to see the basket fill up.

I can’t wait to try this sometime soon.  Take care and God bless

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