Email with my professor about Henry VIII, 22APR – #129



Email with my professor about Henry VIII, 22APR

Q? I heard a very profound statement today at the doctor’s office from a goofball but God loving gentleman and his wife… he said that Henry the eighth was highly responsible for the spreading of the Gutenberg Bible – he handed it out to everybody or something like that and look how this man who was killing his wife and was a terrible person was being used by God to do the most amazing thing because the english-translation of the Bible had a major impact in the spread of Christianity…. hmmmm… Have you ever heard of this aspect of Henry the 8th?
I had a very profound morning –  it’s amazing when you have one when you least expect it, but wow we had awesome good God/spirituality/religion conversations there in the doctor’s office…

Later I saw a really funny billboard (such duplicate timing huh?)… “who invented fractions? Henry the 1/8”

Reply: I do know that despite being a ruthless megalomaniac, Henry was also very devout in his faith. Before he broke away and started the Church of England, he was given an award by the Pope for writing a very learned defense of the Eucharist over against the early Protestants.

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