The Joy of Ministering, 18 May – #153



The Joy of Ministering, 18 May

LOL, God convicted me of my statement the other day about being able to sleep in now instead of early morning wake up calls to write…. Oh well…Thanks for writing on my heart God…even if it is back at 4AM

The Joy of Ministering, 18 May
I am so glad when I hear about small groups, because truly that is where faith discussions are the most meaningful… The potential for growth in ALL those folks is huge… To get them (all of them) to feel value :in their stories (I mean God’s stories) will translate into a higher spirit of praise in their lives and then perhaps they will feel comfortable to demonstrate how much the spirit has touched their hearts.   Now that is the wonderful position God had moved ministers/teachers/leaders into…. You get to minister and be fed by the spirit at the same time. Give praise for how much growth and contentment you see in your flocks.
ALL in ALL, everyone who reaches out are blessed to get to set up the cups inside the people, stop them from being so wobbly by supporting their cups with firm foundations, and then let the SPIRIT pour into them, not spilling a precious drop… Isn’t that the joy in the ministering life? Cool…. Good job everyone, keep up the good work…

Smiles, have a great day setting up those cups. God bless you. Thanks and praise always.

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