Jesus was Broken for You, 11JUL – #209



I broke communion bread for the first time within my church as a servant recently. Although I had received communion many times since 100% accepting Jesus, this time was different – I served it….. I was blessed to serve the blood of Jesus with a smile – I couldn’t help but smile inside and out – I was so grateful for the surprise and intimate opportunity to share Jesus’s love with trusted friends – I smiled at those people whom I felt shared my now truth in understanding that salvation comes to true believers – I was so satisfied and my heart was so warm…

I smile especially because God is SO generous that He allowed me to see and feel all the smiles that are NOT for me but truly meant for HIM. He let me share in this – my daily bread…

At the end of the congregation sharing I broke one big piece for our awesome (and smiling) officiant – and then also remembered to rip an extra piece for our awesome (and smiling) video projectionist in the back… got to actually rip the bread… ripped it humbly but with a smile. Why does this act of sharing communion mean something to me? Why to us as the church? Why? Because when we break bread in a Communion community, we are actually giving up all the sins and angst in our hearts – and our pain is taken by Jesus in that briefest of moments – the only thing left in our hearts is a smile as well as a humble cry for Jesus’ pain of taking on the world’s distance from God… here is my devotion… God bless… Smiles…

Jesus was Broken for You, 11JUL

Jesus was gifted from God to absorb our pain, absorb our sins, and to show us the way to salvation.

When we break and eat bread in communion – we say “Jesus’s body broken for you” – we remember Jesus breaking bread at the Last Supper – we, like His apostles, are to remember Him. Jesus’ body broken for you – for me – yes – BROKEN – Jesus was broken, beaten, stabbed, tortured, whipped, dragged thru the streets, nailed and put on public display – body broken, spirit strong… Thorns in a crown, jeers, and a mocking sign “King of the Jews” – break his spirit they said – break him mentally for hours, days whatever it takes – that was more the goal of the mockers than for Him to have a quick painless death… Break His Spirit…

God’s true SPIRIT cannot be broken and He released Jesus’ SPIRIT for us.

Our sins are also breaking us. They weigh us down, then deaden us to the world’s needs and make us internalize our mercy towards ourselves instead of out to the masses.

Jesus says no matter what, the breaking we do to Him in body is just that, in body, we can NOT break His Spirit. We can not hide the love He has for us. We may try to shield ourselves from His salvation – we may deaden our pain with ignoring our sins – placating, medicating, soothing our pain away by turning to any means possible – except Jesus. Someone may have tired to drug Jesus with wine and gall to deaden the pain (perhaps even mercifully) but Jesus said NO. I feel that Jesus is saying: NO, I want ALL in ALL suffering – I want to feel ALL your pain and all your brokenness – I want you to remember ME by breaking ME and thrusting your pain onto ME – I have a cross and I will bear it – it is sufficient for you – I, Jesus, am sufficient for you – God’s Grace is sufficient!

Go and Sin no more… some sins are the fatal stab wound in the side, some are the tiny pricks of the thorns – Jesus is ever-willing to take it all – break HIM and heal yourself – break him open and know that in His blood that was shed for you that you will find the narrow path to salvation as He intercalates into your very being and becomes your sustaining SPIRIT.

We ought to be showing mercy to the masses – mercy to the body of Jesus – the body of Jesus is the church – ALL people are the church. If we are chosen and accept Jesus’ body into our own, then He wants us out with the people helping to bring them into His Father’s salvation, externalizing our mercy towards the sinners in the masses. Our forgiven sins are a road map to spirit-filled salvation for others, for the church, when we release our spirit for them.

When you take and break bread of Jesus you may SMILE – smile inside your heart. Jesus took your sins. Feel free to let your heart smile. God’s spirit will be there.

When you take and break bread of Jesus you may CRY – cry inside your heart. Jesus took your sins. Feel free to let your heart cry. God’s spirit will still be there.

When you climb up on your cross that you have carried all those years, when entering Heaven with smiles and cries you will be free. Jesus – freed.

I’m a free spirit

Jesus frees – Jesus is free – Jesus is for me

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