Be Snow and Know I AM God, 17AUG – #245



I had been in a (private) storm for a few days –so this was powerful for me to see God’s comforting presence tonight… I am fine – but know I am in a God-gifted retreat

Be Snow and Know I AM God, 17AUG

Well, yeah…. God is God… I know this because He knows me…Reminds me EVERYDAY…

I needed a retreat – I didn’t know I needed it so badly  because the things to retreat from happened AFTER I booked this trip – to is a science conference in Canada – the Great White North – in August – but there is no air-conditioning in the dorm room I am staying in – yet it’s ok – sure it’s hot, humid and sticky but this is how I grew up – this is not terrible, this is summer and I am grateful for it – it’s just that I could have had a nice a/c room with wifi – but I booked this last minute and wanted to be on campus and “I get what I get and I won’t throw a fit” because it’s an amazing series of events that got me here in the first place…

Conference starts tomorrow morning – that area is all A/C and wifi-ed – it will be a productive week and science-rich… therapeutic… it will of course be a God-rich week too – alone time – very therapeutic – retreat for 5 days – no kids – no work folks – no phone – no texting – no problem…

But it’s hot – sticky – I needed to process tonight like I did ALL DAY on the train, the airport the plane – I needed to reflect – I needed to ponder life and what has been happening (which I won’t detail) – but please know I am in a deep reflection right now – a devilish pull to top all other things going on this week –  I am fighting – I am relying on God to fight for me but I am fighting too – picking up my words to fight the good fight – and God gave me a week’s retreat away to reflect – thanks God –

But it’s hot – and God gave me a place to wander and rest comfortably on this hot sticky night – three minutes from my doorstep – a place to sit – a place to think – a place to work (library closes at 7 but this place is open until 11 and it is UBER A/C-ed) – AND it’s a place that has SNOW – yes – it’s Canada folks – yes I wondered if there would be snow…  snow in August…. Yes there is SNOW… and not just because I brought a fabric snowball with me too…

Yeah – Be Snow and Know that I am God – yeah, it’s a hockey rink – filled with cool ice and there is SNOW – well at least snow-like ice from the zamboni  – yeah that’s snow-enough for me in God’s summer. Yeah it’s God’s hand at work alright – God’s gentle touch in my life – yeah it’s GOD’S SNOW to comfort me – thanks God – I needed this…I needed snow… I needed You…

I need You God today and always… You are in control – You will give me retreat and rest – You remind me to stay humble and lovingly fear your mighty power…

Be Snow and Know that I am God

245 snow.PNG


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