God’s Eternal LOVE, 21Aug – #248 **



God’s Eternal LOVE, 21Aug

I look back a year ago, at a photo of me at the state fair posing with a Coke can personalized with my name on it… “A Coke and a smile.” I look happy, I was happy, I am happy… I was and am always enjoying life. It’s genetics, it’s upbringing, it’s God’s gift to me. It’s a conscious decision to have an underlying contentment – or it is conscious to want to dig down deep past the sorrows of humanness and look for the deep joy.

If I am unhappy and stressed, then there’s something I need to learn from it. If I learn it, I might be able to change it. If I can’t change it, I will have to change me. I will change to be happy. Even more happy means I chose to continue to change. Both because I want to change into a joy state and because God wants us there.

The Coke photo was with my daughter, happy in the moment…. But waiting as we took the photo was her unhappy brother who wanted to go to somewhere else at the fair… When we went to his event, my daughter was then unhappy… That’s life, sometimes happy in the moment, sometimes not.

Life is here and now, life is for living, life is for loving, life is short. Eternity is not.

Eternity is not the “here and now”. But how you deal with the “here and now” will teach you what you need to prepare for eternity. Life brings unknown and known challenges, sometimes blindsides, sometimes clear as day hurdles. Life is for living past those challenges. Life is short. Eternity is not.

Life brings surprise and expected joys. Life is opportunity knocking. Life is for loving beyond those temporary joys, preparing for eternity. Life is short. Eternity is not.

Life is what you make of it. Life is short. Live in the moment, but love for eternity.
Eternity is an unknown, promised by a known.
Eternity is promised by one with eternal LOVE.
Eternity is a gift from God.

Therefore life itself is a gift… EVERYDAY a new gift from God to use life to prepare for eternity. Life is short. Love life and live it fully. Love life for eternity sake.

Your body is temporary, so use your mind to make it a temple for your spirit. Your spirit will live for eternity. I learned the secret to eternity – t was no secret – it was LOVE.

Of all the commandments, the greatest is LOVE. Love isn’t just a state, love is a commandment. Love completely, love fully, love without conditions, love forever and forever you will be loved.

God is LOVE.

LOVE is eternal life with God.

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