God’s Got the Box, 19Nov – #504


504 puzzle.jpg504

God’s Got the Box, 19Nov

Life is a puzzle, surely you feel that.

At a recent retreat, my new friends and I worked on two intricate and fun jigsaw puzzles during break time. I love puzzles, I did so many as a kid and pausing to work on a puzzle is a rare gift these days. Your mind gets a chance to change up its processing for a while, there’s a soothing challenge ahead of you, oh feasting your eyes on all those colors, looking and looking, drag your hands thru the box, and oh the satisfaction of getting the pieces to fit…. meanwhile you get to chat with friends or work alone and ALWAYS you get to ponder life.

Life is a puzzle and we are all pieces. We are all pieces of God’s amazing puzzle.

When we are sorting through life’s issues and finding our way, often we are wondering where we fit.  But we can feel the comfort of those other people puzzle pieces that we are nestled with, we can feel the fingers stirring up the pieces, we can look past our own edges to see where we might fit… Sometimes it takes a while, maybe our whole lives, to find the right fit. Maybe things snap together easy which is also puzzling.

Thru life we need to remember that we are ALL in God’s puzzle.  God is holding that box lid. He’s got the whole puzzle in His hands.

God is not JUST holding the box looking at the big picture, but HE created that big picture of this puzzle…. Even though that box is full of seemingly random pieces, all shapes and sizes scattered about, He sees the Divine plan.

His LOVE is looking for us – to bring us back home. He even sent Jesus to us, Jesus’s job is to collect all those pieces scattered about, even those that fell off the table…

Jesus looks – Jesus saves.

Next time you are puzzling life, remember that you do fit for His purpose… and His purpose is to want you to know that you are loved. His desire is that you then share that love. Share His Love thru you.

Remember God is holding that puzzle box lid. God knows the plan.

We don’t always know the plan but we need to find peace anyway…. remember that God desires that PEACE.

God knows.

You fit.

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