Dotted Line, 14JAN – #523



Dotted Line, 14JAN

A friend of mine is in the hospital for a reason that’s different than why she was delivered there, but angels seen to have tweaked the system and an unexpected life-saving diagnosis came “out of the blue”…

Maybe it’s a linear solid path that got her there but we only sometimes see the dotted lines… maybe we only see a roundabout path…

Either way all paths point to God being in control…

Thanks Lord for the safety net, thanks for the save!

I have been blessed so many times by the saving grace of the Lord – both the ultimate Grace and the little graces along the way – so many that I don’t even know a fraction of them – but as Peter reminds us we are forever to keep looking to the Lord and not to ourselves – I am to not rush the Lord – I am to be content – we are to remember that the Lord has us in the palm of His Hand!

523 be content dotted line.PNG

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