The Warm Glove of God’s Love, 06Feb – #532


532 911 glove.PNG


The Warm Glove of God’s Love, 06Feb

Occasionally I drive by and stop at the 911 memorial at the local fire house, it calls to me and I need to touch the steel girder… And today this place with its contemplative music and austere tributes certainly reminded me to put my own real and perceived problems into perspective. I touched the steel with my right hand – ungloved – to feel the energy from the girder but it was freezing… Instead of taking my hand away, I felt compelled to put my other hand on the steel as well, but that one did have a glove on – wow – how warm… How different the feeling…

Immediately, I knew what this meant – I knew I needed to relate it to God’s love. When people face the cold harsh realities of life without knowing and loving the Lord and without reaching to the Lord, it’s a cold hard life… unforgiving and you feel frozen… frozen like you are unable to move into the Lord’s house of many rooms to find peace there… But with that glove on,  we’ve put on the loving warmth of the Lord… WOW…

God’s love not only protects and comforts, God’s love enables us to remain holding on tight. That cold steel and the cold harsh realities of life is exactly the same – but how we approach it surely changes… put on God’s love and you can hold on… put on God’s love and you can keep functioning…

September 11th, I pray that those lost knew God’s love… there is an image in my head thinking about a Bruce Springsteen song,  The Rising, while the people were racing down the towers, those firemen were racing up.

Where does that warmth of God’s love emanate from? His people are His treasures… He fills them with His warm spirit. That warmth in the glove came from internal warmth – warmth captured and sustained by cloth for the hand, physically… and internal warmth captured and sustained for all of God’s love, spiritually…  The warmth captures the feeling of the mighty hands of Jesus lifting you, the winds of the Spirit moving thru you and the emanation of God’s love out from every dust particle that has formed your living breathing being…  It is LOVE – God’s LOVE – God’s love THRU you.

Think about all of God’s people that September 11th day – while the towers were falling their souls were rising…. And I envision and pray that they felt the warm hand of Jesus grabbing theirs… He was scooping them all up – and yes, He’s always reaching for us too…

His warm love is there when we reach for it.

His LOVE is what is emanating thru us.

His LOVE endures forever.


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