Soul on Fire, 30OCT – #609



Soul on Fire, 30OCT

I have been thinking about one of my soul sisters, rest her soul, and remembering the one day that she called me and left a message, singing this new praise song: “Soul on Fire”… She knew to reach to God for re-lighting her soul on fire… she was trying to find comfort in action while putting aside her grief and working for our Lord. I loved her energy with the kids, I appreciated her visitations with seniors, God’s big kids – she was always working on loving God’s people…

I think about the “Soul on Fire” lyrics – that’s so fitting for her life. If we are running for God’s heart, what does that mean? We are already in His heart, on His heartstrings…. so perhaps it means that our running is like being a hamster in a wheel or better yet a runner on top of a water wheel making the water wheel of living water move thru God’s kingdom – helping the world…. we are “a cog in something turning”, as Joni Mitchell sings… our efforts for God show the world that when we run for God’s heart, that He is served because others are served… and they are saved when they start running for His heart too….

I thank my sweet friend for running so very hard for God’s heart, and I thank Him for catching hers.


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