My Roots – His Net, 20Jun 2015 reprise 2019



My Roots – His Net, 20Jun 2015 reprise 2019

Feed on JESUS love and not individual human love and you will never go hungry. Look for the love of Jesus under stones, in the dark spaces, and plain as day in the open…

At first I went to church for the people and to put down my roots. I needed and always will need people, that’s who I am, that will never change. Once in my church family I followed God’s love in a unique path that I didn’t realize I was taking. God drew me near and I found Jesus along the way. In a long term plan, God was reeling me in… Slow but sure… Slow enough that my wriggling didn’t unhook me, and by using a wide hook that was made even wider by the extension of love into and from my church family, a network woven tight, built strong…

Our faith family is a network that is GOD’S fishing net, the tighter the weave, the smaller the fish one can catch, the wider the net, the wider the range of fish one can catch, the stronger the safety net behind the first net, the more fish that won’t get lose when things break…

See Jesus is a Fisher of men… Humans are the fish caught in the nets, but they must then become the nets themselves… They can be the builders of new nets, repairers of old nets, designers of new net styles, and then embed themselves into that net.

Anytime you network in Christ means more nets for His work, for Him to draw upon…

See, after I accepted Jesus, I accepted being part of his net. I know my tools, sometimes I build, sometimes I repair, sometimes I design, but all the time I network from within, by being part of that net… We are called to work in the net as well as exist in the net…  we must be networked to work within and not outside God’s workshop.

I used to go to church – “for the people”…. Jesus caught me in His net… So, I now hunger NOT for people love but for JESUS LOVE… And so I now go to be the church – “for the people”… I want to feed the people JESUS LOVE… I feel JESUS LOVE thru them…

I am here for Jesus. I am a member and a worker/builder/repairer of His Net.

Together we are the net that is made in God’s image.

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