Transfigure Me, Lord – 31MAR – #671



Transfigure Me, Lord – 31MAR

I don’t mean this in a blasphemous way, but I think that the Lord transfigures each of us to shine as we are needed and as He has requested. And yes, we need to actively request His PEACE.

Up on the mountain (with Peter, James and John as witnesses), Jesus was shown in His magnificent God self. Transfigured and changed. Shined to show real Glory.

I feel like God does that for me quite often – and all of us on occasion – transfigure – not for us to be God, which we are not, but transfigured temporarily to show and spread His Love – to feel His peace, energy, beauty, and to KNOW that we rest in His hands. He does this to demonstrate to the world His peace. Likewise, on the flipside I also see how I am exposed when I am totally revealed as the flawed imperfect human that I am. (Oh so human, oh so in need of a Savior) …

When I am running thru life exhausted, sad, ragged-out,  then I step into a situation where God needs me to shine His love (like a nursing home) or when He finds me cajoling Him, near begging, for a peace-filled moment of rejuvenation (like today’s communion service) – then He delivers BIG TIME – that’s when the world fades away and the only thing left is peace – HIS PEACE in your place. His Holy Spirit falling afresh – manifesting His glory as a friend reminded – our lives for His Love.

Well, how could I not analytically say that when God re-Lights me that I feel transfigured, rejuvenated, restored,  re-vined, recharged, rewound, reinvigorated,  reinvented, refreshed,  reworked, real…  really tonight I floated home, rebounded out of a spiritual uplifting event into glowing, and gushed the excess glow to and with friends. Driftwood no more, at that moment I was caught, re-anchored, re-launched, ready for shining reflective Light, real.

It’s 100% from Him, the spirit stepping me thru my steps, my life, my Way, God, Jesus, Holy Spirit – real. Transfiguration of His dust particles made in alignment with His Spirit charge. Like electrons moving negative to positive, we follow our positive directions and let the holes go back. We are to trade negative for positive reality. That is called JOY.

At home, crash, couch-like crash as life creeped back into my humanness, my exhausted self returned… BUT, I remember that for those brief moments I shined a gifted shine for His glory. How could I not witness what the Lord gives and lives in me? There was a moment of time to shine, before being tarnished by the world again. Tarnished – Tired – truly human…

Transfigure – what? why? how? GOD GOD GOD.

Jesus says. “Don’t be afraid.”

Transfigure me Lord as You need me! I am willing, Lord, and I ask for it to be more than just temporarily. And temporarily is OK too, as I again need to remember my humanness, my dependence upon You. My Savior understands, I depend upon Him.

My tarnish – Your SHINE.

My brokenness – Your healing.

My life – Your LOVE.

Overtly human and yet we are made from YOUR distinct dust particles made from YOUR Love. We are glued and unglued all the time.

We are all made from God’s glory. You too have God in you.


We pray: Transfigure me as You need, Lord. I’m just dust that wants to SHINE thru…

Matthew 17

After six days Jesus took with him Peter, James and John the brother of James, and led them up a high mountain by themselves.There he was transfigured before them. His face shone like the sun, and his clothes became as white as the light.

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