Indubitably, I’m Still the Bee, 02JUL – #703



Indubitably, I’m Still the Bee –  02JUL

703 indubitibly bee

A VERY fitting sermon to me. An emeritus pastor delivered a sermon about Moses in my new church – I sat in the very very back – I sat there knowing that this sermon was speaking directly to me – that I was supposed to be there – at that EXACT moment – in a new church – in a new adventure – in HIS service… I had just sung in my new praise band. I had my phone in my hand (shut off) when the minister said: “What did the Lord give you to serve Him?” – yes, it totally reminded me of the gifts that the Lord bestowed on little ole me to be a campaigner for Him. My new singing, my confidence and how I share thru my phone – these are gifts for His glory – He uses me for my writing, my encouragement, my connections.  I totally felt that I was supposed to hear that sermon about Moses (and his stick) and have it “stick with me”.

“WHAT’S IN YOUR HAND?”   You are supposed to be using your gifts…

As I sat there, I knew that I became like Moses this past week, watching his walking staff become His Staff – meaning the Lord used the physical wooden staff as a tool for showing His miracles to convince Moses’s people. As I am now ending my time as CEO of VBS, I see my VBS staff leaving, dispersing, now a “walking staff” to be His staff, as they always were and will be… I am His worker bee too.

I buzz along to new places too, I love that I am singing in this new church!!! How blessed…. God moved me swiftly for Him to use my many gifts, singing being only one of the skills He gifted me… I get to learn and listen and heal…. and hear others SING… and just BE… BEE… I saw how God aligned many events to get me here (oh, what a story)… I did have to take bold steps of my own, but He made my stepping stones clear, more clear as I prayed… God is “constant in the trial and the change” just like the lyrics I sang… When life changes, God is good. Indubitably!

A new band and new church and me…. a new chapter, but me as the same BEE… my name Debbie means bee… I am older and wiser…. I am a bee ready to learn His new roles for me… Indubitably…

703 music

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