Dazzling LIGHT from the Lord’s Fireworks, 06JUL – #706



Dazzling LIGHT from the Lord’s Fireworks 06JUL

I was driving home thru a wild thunder storm last Tuesday – I had just had the most marvelous evening at my praise band practice – a new church and new band for me –  new friends, fun, faith, fellowship, flutes, flowing, fabulous…

And then the church lost electricity! But no one was mad or scared – we were safe and sound in a seasoned building from the 1800’s – we admired the power in the storm, checked cell phones for radars… We were in the red zone…

We were all right.

So, no worries, this old church had seen these storms before, our leader was not deterred and grabbed a battery music stand light and we gathered around the piano to practice the last song with acoustic accompaniment… I held my cellphone as the light for our piano player… But really the Light was holding all of us! How BLESSED – the Light of Jesus set forth to guide us, His Spirit to flow thru us, His comfort to hold us. We have become like His flashlights to share His light into the world’s darkness… We are but a glimmer of His lightening, if we chose to flash it.

My drive home was long, an hour thru the storm, but it flew by in a FLASH, because I was watching some brilliant ball lightning dance across the sky.  I actually drove south back into the red zone of the storm before driving East and North up thru the city and beyond…

The flashes of lightning was so brilliant that I knew I was to recount this moment to remind all of us that when we are in the darkest worst storms there are exquisitely beautiful brilliant flashes of power, just like the most elaborate Light of the Lord. When we are surrounded by our most dark and dangerously awful life storms, the LIGHT OF THE LORD SHINES the most brilliantly – the LOVE OF THE LORD feels the strongest – and the surprise of how His Love reaches us – spectacularly and specifically directed to us, to heal us, is unfathomable… every hair on our heads is known…

As I drove north, the brilliant lights of the brotherly love skyscrapers dazzled my eyes, That’s the LOVE OF THE LORD shone through our fellowship with others. Philos – Philadelphia – LOVE, Brotherly LOVE is LOVE from the Lord shining thru us. We can embrace it and we can share it.  Oh, what opportunities abound… we don’t need to shock, only shine…

On the last bit of my drive, near home, there were flashes from neighborhood fireworks, oh how fun! See, the storm had passed, now neighbors were re-emerging into the backyards. They sensed safety and longed to celebrate. Fireworks were displayed for all to see.

Turning into my driveway, my home is all lit up, my children are lively, my journey not done but changed in direction once again as I put my “mom hat” on… “Storm? What storm?” Not even the cat was afraid… Home, the Lord comforted me knowing that they were all right…

We are all right.

Jesus is never absent in our storms of life. Jesus wants to change our pain into passion. Jesus is our Light in the darkness – and reminds us that our home is heavenly, and we are no longer adrift in the storm.  Light pulls us home.

The missions in life, that the Lord has given us, we can therefore embrace with passion. We know that challenges are ever-present. We know to put on the armor of God. We can walk into the red zones and be the healing light.

Those brilliant displays of Your Power Lord, we are in awe. Power for all to see.

“Don’t tell the Lord how big your storms are – Tell the storm how big and powerful your Lord is. ”

Lord, You are the most dazzling Light in our darkness.

You are the Power. The darkness tries to hide… “it trembles at Your sight…”

Because of You, Lord, we know everything will be all right.


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