Itching and Scratching to Share, 07AUG – #723


723 itching


Itching and Scratching to Share, 07AUG

Christmas the Crab loves exploring – he is even going to a picnic Saturday to reconnect with the people he met on a retreat! Christmas the Crab is always itching and scratching, ever since Christmas in July, to get out of the aquarium to see our fellow creatures in Christ! Me too!!!!! Christmas loves looking outside (like Snowy, the cat does). They dream of exploring the world… Me too!!!

See, like Christmas, we all have the Holy Spirit itching and scratching to get out of us! The Holy Spirit wants to be known to the world, show that we are alive in Christ thru Christ… and that we were placed in the world to make a difference and connect…

It’s a tough world out there, so put on your shell armor of God, just like the crab does, but don’t fail to peek out from the shell to see how you can help spread the Good News…. Keep crawling…  Keep walking… Keep sharing…

Often miracles fall right into our hands – we should share them….

Use your skills, experiences, and story to tell how God chose you to send His message…. sometimes God drops hints from the sky, big and little. Sometimes God drops hermit crabs into the middle of the campground woods in October, for us to find and rescue. God always and especially wants us to find simple ways to share His wonders…

Always, we can show the miracle of a Risen Christ shining thru us – be the hands, feet, mouth, claws, and feelers for sharing God’s gifted skills to us…

Keep itching and scratching to share the Good News…

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