Surprise, the Lord Sends Signs, 16OCT – #755



Surprise, the Lord Sends Signs, 16OCT

Maybe folks see me read into things too much, and it’s true that we can accidentally attribute things of the world too much as a sign from heaven… We are human and can convince ourselves of anything that aligns with our plans.

But I had a physical sign last night that I really appreciated!  So to get to band practice, instead of leaving from close-by work, I was driving directly from home this evening, rush hour traffic, yikes, it’s an hour and 10 minutes and I’m sitting in the car on my way at a red light, thinking “is this worth it?” How could it not be worth it? Is it me being silly for being so excited about getting to practice, is it me being silly to doubt myself? So I reminded myself that indeed I had the time, the good car, the good ways to pass the time in the car by talking on the phone,  and of course practice my singing… even a woman the day before said to me: “eh, when you love something, it’s not hard to do it at all.”…. YUP!  and I do feel it is worth the travel, because I love to sing and I love the Lord (and I really did need practice for 3 songs brand new to me)… Sunday powerful praise doesn’t come without praising on a Tuesday… (isn’t it amazing what can run thru your head so quickly?)

….and just then I looked at the license plate right in front of me,  and I burst out laughing and grabbed my phone for the photo and then was nearly in tears sending the photo to my bandmates…  the license plate said: “S-NG4HIM” – SING FOR HIM!!!… Perfect…  I did not ask for a sign this time (Jesus says do not put God to a test) – I was just reasoning it out in my head with the Lord (which I should always do) – and the Lord sent a sign ANYWAY – and HIS-WAY – on the HIGH-WAY – that’s because Jesus is THE WAY…


755 plate

Our Lord sends messages – or at least His angels do His legwork – He knows every hair on our heads, He knows the right timing to catch our attention – He knows how to motivate us and reward us, to make us think….  He is sovereign… we are human,  there is NO WAY to comprehend all that, just go with it…

I always say that the devil of distraction is nothing compared to the Lord – the Lord makes any twisted schemes and things of the world even more useful to His cause… to be used strongly when the Lord needs to send us a sign… That license plate said nothing about my driving, it simply was saying everything about the end destination: PRAISING, doing it for Him, Singing for Him…

Do whatever you humanly can do to submit to Him. It is up to us to figure out how to get from point A to point B.  The 1st step is to follow Him.


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