Anchor, 05JAN – #791



Anchor, 05JAN

Not “my waves”, but “the waves”…

Jesus is my save.

There are so many lyrics to learn in praise band, sometimes I flip “you’s” and “they’s”, “my’s” and “our’s”… So the lyric that struck me today as truth was that the Lord wants to be our anchor in “THE” waves… Whose waves??? NOT HIS,  NOT MINE,  but “THE” waves of earthly life, messy life.

The lyrics: “Let the King of my heart be the wind inside MY sails,  the anchor in THE waves…  Our anchor is Jesus. “You’re never going to let me down”

The lyrics crucially reinforced my anchor as the Lord. My issues and problems are just the waves of life that are part of our broken existence.  These waves are not specifically “my waves”, these waves are simply LIFE.

Not saying LIFE is easy, or awful more than we can bear…. surely we have to put it all into perspective….

And in good and bad waves, we best believe that the Lord is OUR anchor in the waves.

Jesus still calms the waves that I cannot control.

My anchor holds within the veil. That means Jesus is already inside of us holding us close and together. The veil in the temple tore upon His death and thru His Resurrection there are no more blockages between us and God.

What’s mine here on earth? Not much, but my witness is mine. My hope is mine. My life is…. nope, my life is His, my hope is in Him, my story is His Story. My witness is His Spirit shining thru me. I’m His. He is MY anchor.

Jesus. He’s not just “the” anchor, He is MY anchor.


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