Carry the Cross of Crosses, 16JAN – #798


798 cross


Carry the Cross of Crosses, 16JAN

How interesting the deep meaning of the cross. We bear the cross to make others aware of the cross and the ransom of Jesus’s life for ours. Jesus did not ONLY come to die and be raised, He came to reach us, to teach us, and to carry our burdens. How amazing the short time He had– I am sure he felt the weight of His cross to have had such little time to teach.

Jesus is the Message. His Cavalry cross carried not solely the Messenger but the Message Himself. His cross carries ours. Our cross?  What do we carry? We carry on.  We must be like Jesus and carry on the Message of God’s love. He asks us to love Him and one another. We are to believe in the one He sent – Jesus – The Message – believe the Message.

That is the cross we bear – to share.

This wooden cross, with many nails, is used to be filled to be emptied. The nails are used to hang more crosses, the crosses that carry prayers for pilgrims sent forward in service, continually venturing into our renewed world, serving Christ. This is the cross to carry many crosses. All crosses should be emptied once they are filled. Jesus’s cross was also filled in the purpose to be emptied. Jesus came to go.  All we lift up as well is taken by Jesus. The cross, the tomb, the waiting, now are all left behind. This helps us become free to go.

On the 4th day, Jesus ventures back out to the fields. Yes, the white fields are ready for Harvest. We must venture out now, the world awaits awakening… Let’s carry our crosses to make an impact, let us help Jesus raise more from the dead. Let us pray and work for the Harvest.

Let us cross over ourselves, leave our needs and sentimental ways behind, and go out to SERVE in obedience, serve HIS WAY. We carry His cross to many.

We are filled with His Message to be Shared.


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