Jesus: “Let’s Go!” – a college visit to pray, 22JAN – #801


801 jesus doll go


Jesus: “Let’s Go!” – a college visit to pray, 22JAN

I purchased another new Jesus plush doll, it was delivered squished through the mail. Silly I know but I was intrigued at how it would look coming out of the box – and yes I love the position this doll was wrapped in, as well as expression. It is as if Jesus says “LET’S  GO! THIS WAY!” I simply moved the tag for the photo otherwise the position was set just so, one arm up directing traffic and legs back as if He were flying or maybe kneeling towards you…

Today I was happy to participate with my church in giving goodie bags away and praying for returning college kids at a local university. About 20 minutes from work, I took the late afternoon off as a last minute decision to join, yes I was blessed. I recommend this activity for every church to visit colleges.

Was so nice to pray out loud with the returning students who came to the dining hall.  Awesome giving 100 goodie bags out in an hour and a half, a token to share love. Oh how wonderful that lots and lots of the kids accepted and appreciated prayers. Even kitchen staff came up for prayers. This was a big campus for only having 700ish students. There were 12 of us from church and some CRU members from campus, plenty of time to chat and meet each other. What’s so exciting to me is to be in a church filled with praying BOLD people, who want to share knowledge of God’s Love… What knocks my socks off is always a whole new set of people that I get to meet. HOW BLESSED AM I? !!!

The students appreciated it. Everyone graciously took the bags that had food, candy, scriptures, fliers for our church and the campus church services, and even a can of Red Bull energy drink… I was fed on the energy of the Spirit – nothing compares to Him.

I remember their faces for sure, and specifically the sense of these kids being shining stars, going places… specifically I remember my chat with an impressive graduating senior as we talked about grad school, and prayers for a young lady whose Dad, Fred, is having prostrate surgery, assuring her its highly successful treatment  and watching a team pray for a young lady on her first day as a freshman transfer student, she was wearing a great sock monkey hat…  I was able to pray in group or pairs for about 10 students or more. Cool…

Jesus says “Let’s Go!” and shine that Spirit smile that I gave you to share… let’s zip along our way!!!

Yay Jesus!

801 bag

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