“God Does Not Have Grandchildren” – Keith Green, 23JAN – #803



“God Does Not Have Grandchildren”, 23JAN

Two by Two the Lord sends us out to minister and to witness and to have someone who sees what happens when we work in Jesus’s name and love, we are sent together to have someone who confirms our story.

Thru YouTube, I met singer and dynamic spiritual-cajoler Keith Green. I knew a couple of his early 80s songs for praise band,  I didn’t know his story. I learned. YouTube. Now that’s a blessing!!! Keith’s story is both very different and very similar –  a gift of mental pairing for me. The story is different in his upbringing – the story is the same in God’s “SNAP” call.

Independently, the Lord calls on each of us to realize our status as children of God. Keith Green says God has children,  not Grandchildren – meaning that young folks – each person – will have to hear their own call, understand for themselves, not ride in on coat-tails…

Yes, our jobs are to keep encouraging new children of God to find Jesus.

Keith and I have shared experiences of questioning, learning, knowing. Yes, Jesus is patiently waiting for us to follow Him. Receive Him AND Follow Him, two stages.  Keith is a pair to my witness, Keith would understand me, understand that SNAP of when we knew and acknowledged Jesus as Savior AND Lord. Yes, in this interview Keith states that he knew Jesus but then later when he acknowledged JESUS AS LORD, OH SNAP, it all came together… God wants commitment…

Keith’s testimony (discussed in this 1st YouTube video) and mine are 40 years separated by time, but God crosses all distances and medias. I understand that testimony.

Keith talks about Jesus to the viewing audience kids in his 1982 appearance on the television boob tube (those are his words in the second video link) that he knows how 70’s crazy he looks to mainstream American people, that he knows what becoming a fool for Christ looks like. And so with Keith’s charismatic ways, naturally, God found a use for him and his style.  God crosses all distances and media to reach people.

I’m blessed to know that when you know the Lord and WORSHIP IN SPIRIT AND TRUTH,  the Lord will snap you in. Born again. I pray that you know Him too. To give up your life to the Lord is to gain His life for you.

Keith Green would understand me and I him, oh that conversation,  oh that SNAP.   Just before the 10 minute mark on the first video, Keith speaks of how it was 2 years of Him praying to Jesus before he actually worshiped and followed Jesus – you have to be led and accept Jesus’s lead in order to be saved… at the 12minute 45 sec mark, Keith said he knew Jesus was real because He was the one God changed – a mountain could have skipped into the sea – but if God changed him then wow, that is how he knew.

Love these 2 videos – it’s the unplugged speaking at the piano testimony which is more important than the music…. I’m thankful for YouTube history… I’m so thankful to the Lord for being true thru the ages. Calling His Children.


“Keith Green   1982 100 Huntley Street TV 01 Keith’s Testimony” on YouTube


Keith message and a song https://youtu.be/zwkrchALHG8

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