The Science of an Unchanging God, 01FEB2020 – #806


806 SCIENCE 1806

The Science of an Unchanging God, 01FEB2020

Loved the science experiments my workmates and I performed at a school exhibit yesterday, of course I brought my favorite foaming hydrogen peroxide dish soap yeast experiment, how could I not? That is the experiment which catalyzed the notion in my own head that Jesus was sent by God for changing the world like a catalyst. An exciting overflowing foaming experiment where hydrated yeast, as the catalyst, changes the hydrogen peroxide into water and oxygen, thus the bubbles.  Yeast has catalase enzymes to catalyze the chemical reaction, reduce the activation energy and make the reaction go faster.  A catalyst that does not change. (In class I said my “Cool CAT-alyst” also makes things happen faster and wakes me up from sleepiness every morning to play and get me to move, sometimes by trying to bite my ankles. Oh yes – that wakes me up!)

Seven years ago, I used this same experiment in Sunday school, a lesson about lost things – Jesus finding lost sheep, also teaching about the lost coin, the lost prodigal son…. I said “God sent Jesus as the catalyst to make the Word of God spread faster.” Something snapped in my brain. God was working on me as I did not really know Jesus in me. In the lost me, God was laying out a road map for Jesus to find me. Then 2 years later (which is my FIVE YEAR ANNIVERSARY TODAY) I understood how an UNCHANGING God changed me. Jesus was/is real. I WAS THE MOUNTAIN THAT GOD NEEDED TO MOVE MENTALLY. Jesus got thru to me. I am forever changed. Jesus is Lord.

This is a special day to me, but to God a normal work day. Five years ago today – Feb 1st 2015 – that’s when I knew God had introduced me to know and follow Jesus in SPIRIT and TRUTH as my Lord. 2 months of writing out my awakening. 2 years prior I made that pivotal mind-snapping statement: “OH!!! God sent Jesus as a catalyst!” SNAP! (I even have photos of that day’s class, wow, God made me document like a scribe what He did to me.)

A catalyst, does not change, but brings reaction components together closer and reduces the activation energy to get the reaction started. Jesus Jesus Jesus.

God is unchanging. Jesus is God. Jesus will work and work and work. God will love and love and love.

The Holy Spirit will move every item into place to reach us so that we then can explain, teach, worship, believe, and reach.

The yeast chemical reaction breaks bonds. The reaction is warm to the touch. The sting of medicine hydrogen peroxide is no more. Jesus Jesus Jesus.  Chains are broken. Warm LOVE and welcoming into the Kingdom, and the sting of death is no more.

As an UNCHANGING ETERNAL GOD. Jesus wants us to know Him. God brings us to Him. He will never lose us.

I was found. I am saved. I have work to do for the Kingdom…. I must sprinkle some Jesus today…

So, how was I going to slip in then mention of Jesus in a secular work presentation? Probably not to the school kids but to somebody? It came as an opportunity that surely even I didn’t expect, the semi-retired librarian helper came in during the lunch break and asked what we were doing, so I did the experiment JUST for her, an explanation just for one. She was amazed and I explained how I did this experiment in Sunday school. I explained my aha moment about Jesus.  I also showed her cornstarch  and water mixed as OOBLECK, a fun non-Newtonian solid, and I talked about pretending to be walking on water as Sunday school demonstration,  I said “of course ” – she said “of course” – I just tapped into seeds that were already planted in her previously – I only added a little more fertilizer and seeds… Using science to plant seeds… even the teachers can being taught everyday, I was one of them, I know. Share Jesus Today! Be amazed at what He shares with you!


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