Step into God’s Love, 15FEB – #815


816 temp


Step into God’s Love, 15FEB

It was a blessing to step away from light pollution and see brilliance in the stars last night. No cell phone coverage in the backwoods area, almost to home.

How we have to step away from man-made interference to glimpse God-made LIGHT. Intense patterns. Orion and the big dipper are really surrounded by deep brilliance. I knew the opportunity was rare for me to be there and the crisp negative six degrees outside did not deter me at all, I had to seize an opportunity to see. And in reality I needed to wake up, as I was so exhausted driving at 10pm… so dangerous… so my desire  to see the LIGHT was also gifted to wake me to help guide me safely home (sounds like Jesus right there).

Home is a blessing for me to step back to and step forward too. Brought my son. My mom’s birthday and we get to see my dad whose health is steadily stepping down… sometimes 3 steps down, two steps up like last time, still this is a step down. A blessing  to be here and it’s important for me to see with my own eyes and not experience life in a vacuum, not shy away from processing. And also to count my blessings that this is the best stepping path of care he could have.

We all have to understand the steps of life.

Always a step in the right direction is when we can step closer to God. Like stepping away from city lights and barriers to  views, we best step away from the middle man of us, our humanness, our sin and worldly situations and distractions to step closer to our Gifted Grace. God sent Jesus not just as a “stepping stone” but as God Himself. To step us into forever love. It’s not JUST for our sake that God wants us close, it’s FOR GOD’S SAKE. Totally.  He in us and us in Him.

The best step is not backwards to God but forward. God does not change and we can move INTO His Love. We have stepping stones and can have a LIGHT load to carry on our path.  We have the forgiveness of sins thru Jesus. We have the gift of ultimate mercy. We have the opportunity to be alive and awake in our existence in God’s Amazing Plan.

So we have to take the steps. We have to not hesitate to step out of our fog, our sleepiness or confusion. The veil was torn and we can directly experience life with God. Like getting to see the brilliance of the stars, the strength  of the waves on a beach, deep sunsets, the majestic mountains, or the tiniest most intricate flowers, we want to leap into the moment, with enthusiasm and joy, to see God’s purposes for us. We want to experience God with cold wakefulness to stop ourselves from stepping away from Him. Just like no subzero temp could stop me from seeing those brilliant stars, we should have no hesitation to know God more. No hesitation to wake up. I want to want God in that same way. I want to step even further into His Love.

Nothing can separate us from the love of God. Let us do whatever we can to leap, crawl, step into God’s Love. Not a step back… a step forward…

See all there is to see, especially since God Himself is Whom gave us sight.

Love all there is to love, especially since God Himself gave us LOVE.



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