Faith Flow Facebook Flowers Family Flock Friday 27MAR – #835



Faith Flow Facebook Flowers Family Flock, 27MAR

I started a Zoom class last night from my Facebook friend Pastor Pierre on listening for God’s voice… He says it is important to ask open-ended questions… I appreciate that in the short practice time we had I tried to listen – and the Lord told me to “keep smiling” and to “take care of my flock“. My job is to handle things,  de-stress,  keep going… my preparation includes gathering life assurance (as well as financial life insurance) for both are needed for current reassurance to keep living life now. Life flowing means everyday life is for living and sharing… My job is to help my kids keep living – even after I am gone… take care of my flock…  My job is to take care of Jesus’s flock too.

There are many different ways for us to behave in this current COVID19 world crisis, one must listen to the Lord always and especially now… especially we must study how to not fly off the handle or go down the drain… in doing so we are to share the Spirit in whatever way we can.

Many people before us must have had it REALLY awful with their pandemics.  I do pray for those who are ill and have passed away, I pray that they found the Lord in time… and I pray for the financial strain on so many, and I remember to count my blessings…  today is Friday – always good to end the week on a good note so I got to work, took a walk to see flowers, went socially-distanced grocery shopping, got paid, navigated traffic, made dinner, had prayers with my kids, and gave reassurance to them that we are ok…  and now I can rest on the couch to write. I would say I live a sheltered cushy life.  So what am I to do? Not turn my back on the stability that He gave me but COUNT MY BLESSINGS AND WORK FOR GOD…   I love the scripture Luke 1:38, my life verse, mentioned in this article,  I remember it often,  “I am the handmaiden of the Lord.”

We could all listen a little closer right now…

Sharing Joy is still tops on my to-do list…

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Faith-filled Friday

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