Palm Sunday – yes Hand Palms!!! 04APR – #840



Palm Sunday – yes Hand Palms!!! 04APR

Oh I have tears at this Word play!!!

It dawned on me that waving PALMS from the safety of one’s car – in a parade of cheer – would be so uplifting to those safely home and standing behind their windows!!! Imagine a local parade of passionate love outpouring on those waves!

So in these interesting times and ALWAYS, it’s not simply the palm fronds,  but the wave of the PALMS of your hands to share LOVE of God in hello’s and goodbye’s and in excitement – waving the WAVES OF GOD’S LOVE!!! Imagine a parade of waving the Spirit of 99 to the one – as Jesus leads the parade to each child He needs to comfort!

The deaf wave hands instead of clap for applause, just try it, it’s EXHILARATING to praise to share the JOY of the Spirit, the Joy of the Lord!!!!

Wave your PALM as a Hello Lord in praise! Both arms up in JESUS-JOY!!!  To every child of God, let your gifted God-love flow!!!


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