He Gave Up His Spirit, 26May – #868


868, 26MAY

He Gave Up His Spirit

Jesus, as told in the gospel of John, gave up His Spirit, knowing He had fulfilled the scriptures, knowing Our Father had set out a plan for His glory.  Jesus did not give up His Hope, His Mission,  His Life. Jesus is Life, therefore Jesus gave OF His Life by handing out His Spirit to all.

Jesus knew His body gave out, but He did not give His Spirit to just dissipate away to nothing, instead purposely He was invigorated in His ability to shepherd His flock.

Since we must open the door of our own lives to the Lord, and hear His voice, we must give away our hardened hearts and be filled with renewed Spirit. We must recognize this influx of His Spirit come to comfort and create us anew. We must welcome walking with no hesitation.

Jesus was stilled on the cross. He gave up the ghost.  Jesus needed us to be filled with Spirit because of His full-filled life purpose. We have Jesus in our hearts, Spirit in our souls. Fear not, feel fulfillment. Be fully His.

We have God and God has us.

He will NEVER give up us.


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