Jesus Follow Thru, 22MAY – #867


867, 22MAY

Jesus Follow Thru

Jesus Himself could have walked away from His own mission, BUT HE DIDN’T. Perhaps He would have decided to keep teaching for as many years as His Father would have let him, but He knew the time was drawing near and He knew His sacrifice for sake of His Father, Our Father. We may watch the days of the calendar, but the truth is: Jesus wants us to number our days by our walking with Him.

These days in the news we are reading about nurses and healthcare workers under intense stress, watching and endangered to catch illnesses which scare them to death. But they walk back into their work each day. Can we support them? Can we ease the burdens of these souls who walk into danger every day? Theirs is a calling. What’s our calling for helping others? Jesus call us to rest, then step according to His Will.

These days I am reading in the last verses of the gospel of John 19, not yet Easter in John 20, and so it is excruciating reading about the torture, the cast of characters around the crucifixion, the political moves that positioned an innocent man as sacrifice, then as pawn for chaos, and now in verse 26 we see the re-gifting of Mary as a mother to young John, and John as a son to Mary. John and Mary each have new paths ahead of them but a reliance connection needed to take care of each other. We too are gifted others in support and buffer to walking bumpy roads.

Jesus came to connect us to our Loving Father for eternity.  It’s the core of our walk, to be walking to HOME.

Our paths are varied, uphill, downhill and thru unknown terrain. Jesus is always shoring up our path. Let us stay on the path. (Cue the Keith Green song.)

Constantly sacrifice is needed for our obedience to God’s will, to stay on the path. To demonstrate to BOTH demons and human watchers that we KNOW Whom is in control. If we are unsure,  we should not guess our steps but pray the Holy Spirit to help, to watch the path unfold. We must TRUST the path the Lord has spoken into our lives. We must step IN STEP, like Jesus did.  It’s a sacrifice not of life but the things that weigh us down.

I’m blessed to know so many people who are devoted to the Lord, I also know many who aren’t and we have the blessed opportunity to pray that they uncover their own path to walk with Him. Keep faith to show others that you are not shaken in your faith.

If we lay our own path, it will be bumpy and off to unknown lands. If we let Jesus lay our path, it will be sanctioned from above and sure. Most importantly, even if we go thru tough times, our path will always point us HOME.

“It is Finished” John 19:30

Jesus finished His own earthly walk, but was His walk done? No.

Jesus steps ahead to walk EVERYONE HOME.

Jesus refuses to leave us. Jesus stays forever without knowing the day or the hour He will come back again, but His Spirit has been laid into our hearts, knit into our souls. As Jesus knew that the old testament scriptures had been fulfilled, He stepped across His own life bridge to Heaven to fulfill His own Writing as a New Testament to Life, Truth, and the Way. As He Fulfilled the Scriptures, Jesus is OUR FULFILLMENT TOO.


May we lean into our walk and reach for You. You gave up Your Spirit and gained all of ours for the Kingdom.

Amen Amen


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