Other Concerns Out Compete Covid19, 26MAY – #869


869, 26MAY

Other Concerns Out Compete Covid19

My weekend brought out a microcosm of concerns! Wow, I pray a hedge of retro protection for sure! I appreciate prayers from prayer warriors, it’s only God who can handle the healing,  hand out hope, hold our hearts whole… Hands and hearts, hold them up for the Lord, in the Lord, with the Lord.



Keep your summer safe!

I didn’t stay home and worry about catching COVID19 this weekend, I did get out – and had a great time – although I know I had to spend time concerned about a few other dangers – namely poison ivy (twice), sunburn, Lyme ticks, E.coli, listeria, salmonella, asbestos and oh yes, don’t forget about bubonic plague! WOW what a weekend!!!!!!!!!

Seriously, I dealt with each concern as they came – I will likely forget today’s troubles tomorrow (each day can worry about itself) – I don’t shy away from living – I did remember my common sense (I hope) and I dared to live life. One of the biggest concerns if you don’t get out and exercise is diabetes, so I made sure I got my walks in!  Ticks – got to check yourself! Check! Sunscreen? Check that box too and wear a hat! My gardening was interesting with avoiding poison ivy in my friend’s yard and pulling it out in mine. You have to step carefully, wash immediately, and watch especially scrapes for signs of outbreak for this is a VERY common ailment! At that moment, I didn’t worry about an inkling about anything else compared to poison ivy! It is all about perspective!

Let’s talk picnic time! I was so happy to see my neighbors place their salads on ice – and those tasty eggs were cooked very well – check and check for highly reducing potential risks of listeria and salmonella…  Delicious foods and delicious burgers – of course you have to watch out for E. coli with raw hamburger meats – keep the raw meats in plastic and BELOW the prepared foods in the fridge. wash all surfaces! And that delicious burger? I always take it WELL DONE at picnics (hey don’t tell the host if I might step into their kitchen and nuke it for a minute too!)…  Did I mention COVID19 yet, the SARS2 virus? This is going to be in the world for a while – no matter what the precautions, it is a big unknown. I am a big fan of mask wearing (not everyone is) but any time we can reduce splattering germs around is good. Yes, compliance with social distancing, reduced store visits, and letting no one or minimal folks into my house except my immediate family all should help. Which brings me to asbestos, yes asbestos, the wonderful material that was so useful in the 50’s is now such a hassle in the present. The work in my house (before this self-isolation time) covered the asbestos tiles and there was no harm no foul. Construction was shut down for a time but now that we are emerging into both the construction allowable phase at SUMMER, it was time to get a new air conditioner (installed by my properly masked contractor). He was very self-isolated too, so I worried minimally about COVID19, but asbestos??? So to minimize asbestos exposure I wet mopped the area as dust reduction technique. With asbestos you won’t know for 30 plus years if you had been breathing too much. By then I will be nearing 80, I probably will worry much less about asbestos then. I’ll worry about that when/if I make 80!

Did I forget anything? Oh yes, bubonic plague – not really but I always think of it when I see mice and mice droppings.  And so the shed clean out was good and yet was icky…  there will be some confused mice when they can’t find that home in the corner of the shed now.  Seriously the warnings on hantavirus in droppings are scary. I stopped writing this piece once I read about hantavirus and just simply got up from my computer and got on my knees to pray to the Lord for some retro protection. I really really really like living. I really really really like to protect my family. I really really really like to know that I did what I could with a crazy busy life and ALL these worries.

Where is the boat Jesus? – I want to get in Your boat and not mine. I will worry less with You – I will live forever with You – I will live well now with Your protection. I will just choose You over stress-eating and over stress-stressing. I will remember God’s mercy and believe – really really really I want to believe in your healing Lord and in your pre-healing prevention and protection.

Thanks for letting make my prayer vent – that is good for my mental health too – to think that I can have prayers is a comfort. To KNOW that I have the Lord is really my joy, my strength, and my rest.

Thanks Lord for You.




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