I Wonder, 04JUN – #874


#874, 04JUN

I Wonder

I wonder about excessive forgiveness… how much is excessive.  How much is enough? I wonder. Perhaps a better term to use is EXTRAVAGANT forgiveness, yes that is a fitting word for the WORD.

Jesus, risen from the dead, breathing on the disciples with the Holy Spirit, said: “If you forgive the sins of any, they are forgiven them, if you retain the sins of any, they are retained.” (John 20)

Jesus wants us to display forgiveness, therefore I don’t think that there is anything that could be called excessive in forgiveness, since our gift of forgiveness is EXTRAVAGANT. And therefore, whatever is not forgiven remains unforgiven. We best to tap into Jesus to help us forgive what we can not.

Jesus IS the definition of excessive forgiveness. Jesus in death and life is the excessive gift of the Father How can He not be called excessive, He blessed even the people who killed Him.

Jesus came to cover all sins. How unfathomable. How unreal. How, I wonder, could anyone model that level of deep forgiveness. ONLY with the Holy Spirit and ONLY by the Holy Spirit.

Mercy is to be loved. With whose love? The Spirit.

Justice is to be sought. How? Rely on the Spirit.

Humbleness is to be walked. Who leads? The Spirit.

Ignore the Spirit and ignore life everlasting. We need to breathe Spirit,  live Spirit,  love Spirit.

Jesus breathed the Holy Spirit after Easter morning because He had no human breath left. And He used His breath to forgive. He had the ONLY the breath needed, the ultimate breath of the Holy Spirit. One with the Father, One for all. One breath forever alive.

I wonder,  how we can ever move forward in anything? Follow.

I wonder, how can we forgive? Breathe.

Listen. Speak.

Breathe easier, we are given the work of the Holy Spirit.

We wonder, He works.

I wonder in wonder of the great “I AM.”

We wonder, but He IS.


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